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It’s Thanksgiving week and no one wants to read about office space metrics or service firm operations. Instead, I am going to share my biggest lesson learned in 2016: Go and Do.

As any of you who read this blog on a regular basis know, this year has taken me to Washington, DC, New York, Nashville and San Francisco.  I have attended conferences, visited with clients, landlords and developers and toured many office spaces.  And I have learned so much that I wouldn’t have sitting in my office.

I learned that people are usually very willing to help other people when asked.  I reached out to the alumni networks at my various alma maters, friends, architects, colleagues, former colleagues and clients to get access to tour spaces at companies where I knew no one.  I received tours from complete strangers who were kind enough to show me every inch of their spaces and answer all of my questions.

I learned what draws people to work at different companies and in different spaces.  I learned novel approaches to solving real estate and facilities problems.  I learned how different industries see the future and what it might mean for office space.  I also learned how to process all of this information and turn it into knowledge I can use.  Clearly, I synthesize information by writing and thus, this blog.

I hope you are enjoying it half as much as I enjoy writing it.  So much more to come!  

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